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Discover the Ultimate Cardigan Surprise with Our Signature Style Box!


Indecisive about what Cardigan pieces to choose? Prefer someone else to do your shopping or gift-buying? Enjoy getting boutique merchandise at a steep discount?  Look no further. Discover the Signature Style Box from Cardigan and indulge in the joy of surprise!


Our Signature Style Box features 4 carefully selected Cardigan goodies in the sizes and seasons of your choice, with a total value of $150 or MORE! The style box delivers the highest quality products but at a discount of 50% or greater.


Customize Your Signature Style Box: We take the utmost care in curating the perfect Style Box for you. Simply leave a note highlighting your favorite items, preferred colors, desired styles, seasons, or special occasions, and we'll do our best to accommodate your preferences. Also, please include your preferred jeans/shoe size if you'd be open to receiving a pair or two. If there are any items you'd rather not receive, please do let us know as well. 


What's Inside the Box: Each Signature Style Box is a delightful mix of perfect-quality apparel and/or accessories from our past collections. There are many times when we have only 1 best-selling item left in a size, and that overstock merchandise is taken off the sales floor. You can take advantage of those best-selling items at a discount by utilizing this Style Box program!


Please Note: All pieces included in our Signature Style Box are final sale. These items are all at Final Sale clearance pricing, and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. 


Signature Style Box

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