Hand Sanitizer Spray: * Net wt. 2 oz // 2 oz amber bottle with fine mist sprayer


* 70% ethyl alcohol which will leave your hands disinfected + smelling great

* Aloe leaf (+ a pinch of sweet almond oil!) leave your hands feeling moisturized + prevent any dried/chapped skin


Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf (aloe), carbomer, dimethicone, distilled water, sweet almond oil, fragrance.


Available in two scents:


Moonstone + Rose Quartz has scented notes of: rock rose + myrrh + palo santo +  balsa wood. This soap has celestial vibes that give off a sacred scent of sweet healing notes of sacred palo santo blended with a warm base.


Desert Sage + Ocean Water has scented notes of: desert sage + black sage + ocean rain + salted sea air. This scent has modern vibes of desert sage with the salty notes of ocean air.

Modern Makers Hand Sanitizer Spray

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