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Pink Friday 2022 _ Shop Small First - The Boutique Hub.jpg

Eat Sweets &
Shop Boutiques

The ultimate holiday gifting experience for everyone on your list!  Shop all of your favorite local stores & boutiques first!


A walk & shop holiday tasting with the recipes to share!  Charles City's Pink Friday will give you an opportunity to taste sweets and shop boutiques.  Go from door to door sampling delicious homemade favorites, and take the recipes home.  And start your Christmas Shopping on Main Street before the hustle and bustle of Black Friday looms.

Over a dozen of your favorite, locally owned retailers, downtown Charles City, will be serving up amazing new products, promotions and deals plus sips, sweets and treats.  It's bound to be the best shopping experience you'll have all year!

See below for all of the particpating locations.

We'll see you on Pink Friday!  Friday, November 18!  Charles City, Iowa

Birdie and Bo's

Serving Homemade Cherry Bars


9 AM - 5 PM

715 Kelly Mall

Charles City



Serving Gooey Butter Cookies


10 AM - 6 PM

101 N. Main Street

Rear Entrance

$10 Gift Certificate when you RSVP on FB Event!  Exclusive Product Launches!

image_6487327 (4).JPG
art center.jpg

CC Arts Center Galleria Gift Shop

Serving Pink Whitney Mocktails!


10 AM - 6 PM

301 N. Jackson

Charles City


Darbe & Co.

Serving Sparkling  Pink Punch​!


9 AM - 5 PM

200 N. Main Street #1

Charles City

Encore Boutique

Serving Pecan Pie Bars


10 AM - 6 PM

403 N. Jackson

Charles City


Floyd County Museum Gift Shop

Serving Pretzel and M&M Hugs


500 Gilbert Street

Charles City

FREE Museum Admission!

Floyd County Museum.webp
Main street drug.jpg

Main Street Drug

Serving Spiced Holiday Rum Balls!

9 AM - 5:30 PM 

204 N. Main

Charles City



Serving Mulled Wine

10 AM - 6 PM

213 N. Main Street

Charles City

The Rustic Corner

Serving Pink Champagne Cupcakes

10 AM - 6 PM

413 N. Main

Charles City



Serving Jayne's Roll Out Sugar Cookies


9 AM - 5 PM

104 N. Main Street

Charles City


Schiller's Fine Art & Framing

Serving Hoiday Raspberry Bombshell Drinks

10 AM - 5 PM

105 N. Main

Charles City

TJ Service.jpg

TJ's Service

Serving Sugar Plum Soda

9 AM - 5:30 PM

221 N. Main Street

Charles City

2 Kute Klothes

Serving Dipped Pretzels & Cotton Candy

12 PM - 6 PM 

314 N. Main

Charles City


Unique Country Store

Serving Christmas Dips & Apple Cider

10 AM - 5 PM

601 N. Main Street

Charles City



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